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Club News – Nov 2017

Hello to you all. November is upon us and its meeting time again and fly tying time again and fly casting time. The most important part of this message is the Meeting tomorrow, 7 pm, Sandman Inn, here in Castlegar. Our speaker is Fraser Bonner, an archaeologist and fishing historian. This will be a very interesting speaker for sure. Other things to note is our fly tying is starting next Tuesday here in Ootishenia, 7 pm. And the fly casting spey and switch rods is on Nov. 12, a sunday, 10 am at the Genelle boat launch. Bring your waders and warm clothing and equipment. Catch you all at the meeting. Till next time, tight lines and bent rods....

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Club News – Oct 2017

Hello All:  Hope you all have had a great summer fishing and ready for another fall / winter of meetings and club functions. We are meeting this Thursday, 7:00 pm, Sandman Inn  Castlegar.  Sandman has again stepped up and graciously offered there room for our meetings this year.   This is our AGM  so do show up and cast a vote on what you would like to see the direction the club should go. We have a full schedule pre-proposed for your approval, dates and times for functions.  This all needs to be addressed and of course the voting of the new executive is needing. I would like to take this time to pass on our condolences to Fran Pargeter , he lost his wife Barb only a month or so ago and we just want him to know were all sad to hear of this.  Barb  and Fran have been club members for a good 25 years and have been faithful supporters of the club and our outings.  Do come out and be a voice. We will try fill all the meetings with speakers and if any of you have people in mind and available, please give me a call to organize.  Till Thursday, tight lines and bent rods.   Rod...

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Jacquie Lawson Greeting Cards

Here is a nice greeting card you could send to your fly fishing buddies whenever they deserve one .. Dale M. ( it’s not free but reasonable, $14 Cdn /Yr, and lots of fun) Click here for prices and to sign up .. ** and no, I’m not on...

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Children’s First Fishing Trip

With still some summer time left, families are trying to make the most out of it by spending time outdoors on all types of kid-friendly recreational activities that the warm weather offers, like fishing. That is why we put together a post that will guide parents through on taking their children on a first fishing trip: From Joh Sutton. the content manager for Outdoor...

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Club News – May 2017

Hello Fly Club Members: Just a couple items news worthy for now. First is our good friend Tak Shimizu over in Edmonton Alberta is the recipient of the 2017 Buzz Becek award for the Fly Fishing Federation of America. John Newbury of Chewelah, WA just called and gave us the news. This is the first time any Canadian has won the award and is so deserving of it. For you that have no idea who Tak is, he is the fellow that ties the most fantastic flies and donates them to our fly symposium over the past few years. he tied the “Kate” fly , an Atlantic salmon pattern a year ago. He donated the water boatman flies with boxes this year. two doz. He did up dragon gompus flies a couple years ago and boatman flies a few years ago. For those interested, we sent in a reference letter in support for Tak to win this award. Next, Its our Summit Lake weekend outing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We do have our potluck on Saturday nite, 6 pm, at the govt. central covered building, Gov’t camp ground. Club does bring the sausages and buns, if participating bring a salad, casserole or desert. BYOB Fishing is supposed to be good and weather is on our side also this weekend. Should be a good one. See you all there....

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