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Events – Nov 2017

Hello Again to you all. A couple items to report. It is Remembrance Day and a thank you to all those who fought in the wars to protect our freedom and independence. Our last meeting we asked some person to take on the Salvation Army task of organizing the day to run the kettle in Trail. Fran Pargeter stepped up to organize and others have said they would help. If possible, do get a hold of Fran to give your number and when you could help out. His number is 250-367-9320. On our other schedule of events, we have the fly/spey casting outing at the Genelle boat launch site, tomorrow, Sunday Nov. 12 at 10am start. Bring your rods/equipment and waders, boots and warm clothing and do some casting. We should have some of the members that do this, available to teach what we want to learn. A good way to get some fresh air at the same time. That’s all for now. See you all tomorrow. Tight lines and bent rods....

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Club Social – Dec 2016

Hello all, and best of the season to you all. Merry Christmas. It’s only a few days till our xmas social on Dec. 17, 6 pm, Balahuras house, 1234 Mcfee road, Ootishenia. Happy hour 6 pm, super 7 pm. It is pot luck, the fly club is supplying the turkey and ham. So if coming bring a salad, caserol or desert. We also do the gift exchange game, so if coming bring a gift as per gender. BYOB. We have quite a few new members, please don’t be shy, come on out and meet the club and families. The food is always fantastic and a good time is had by all. tight lines and bent rods....

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Club News – Nov 2016

Hello again fly club members Ah, the cold weather is coming and we might have to put the rods down for a couple months. I have noticed lots of the avid fisher persons still going out and doing quite well on the Columbia. Great to see. And fish are also happy to see us out there, I know they will get lonely when the cold weather comes. A couple items we should pass on: Fly tying is going on Tuesday nights, in Castlegar, at my house, 7 pm till ?. we have had three sessions and should get a couple more in, so if needing a good evening out, bring your tying gear and show up. We have tied soft hackles first night, bead head prince nymphs second and booby’s the third. And some even resemble what they are supposed to look like. Some will end up on the fish, I’m sorry to say. Next is our fly club draws are happening, this time is two draws, one a sage rod and other is an Eikre fly rod. Both fantastic rods. Tickets can be picked up at Fly Shop. Only stipulation is you must pay your membership for the 2016-17 season. tickets are $5.00 each. Upcoming, we have been requested by the Trail fish/wildlife club to help them clean and do a work shop at the Murphy Creek spawning...

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Goldfish in Dragon Lake

Hello again fly club members. Just something to look at and see what happens when someone does the wrong thing with invasive species. This probably happened by someone not wanting to destroy their pets and couldn’t keep them any more. A tragedy for this lake....

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Club News – Oct 2016-2

Hello Fly Club members.   Were into fall / winter now and club meetings have started.   Our last meeting AGM went well with 21 members attended.  The new executive has been voted in and all is set for another fine year for the members. The new calendar of events has been revised, with proper dates and places set for our upcoming activities. check attachment for this.  A recap of the club outings were discussed and new ideas were introduced.  A couple new ideas were brought forward by Steve V. and will be added to our symposium next year.  The fly tying dates are set and as usual, paid up members are all invited. A great way to get people to remember to pay their dues.  Were still at $20.00 for membership per year.  Dates are set for next years symposium, check the date on calendar, March 25-26, 2016 We are also having our xmas social this year on Dec. 17th.  A bit later than usual but very happy Mike and Brenda B. will host again. The spey casting workshop is on Nov. 6th this year.  Genelle boat launch site,  10 am start. Other good news, Don L. is getting better each time we see him.  He is working on his ‘Murphy Creek upper cut’ and should be catching fish next season. Our club fishing outings are at Summit Lake, Premier...

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