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Club News – Oct 2017

Hello All:  Hope you all have had a great summer fishing and ready for another fall / winter of meetings and club functions. We are meeting this Thursday, 7:00 pm, Sandman Inn  Castlegar.  Sandman has again...

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Club News – May 2017

Hello Fly Club Members: Just a couple items news worthy for now. First is our good friend Tak Shimizu over in Edmonton Alberta is the recipient of the 2017 Buzz Becek award for the Fly Fishing Federation of America. John Newbury...

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Club News – April 2017 -1

Hello again to you all. A busy time for all I am sure as spring is slowly coming our way. I think?? First on my agenda is a big thank you to the few people that helped out teaching fly casting to elementary school kids at Pass...

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Club News – April 2017

Hello to you all: Great day to be on the river, sun is out and fish should be biting. Yes, the symposium was another wonderful time and success. The fly club should be commended for the superb job done by all. Everything from...

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Club News Feb 2017-1

Hello Fly Club Members. A few messages, Our last meeting was great to see so many people out. I think there were 28 out, maybe because we had two speakers? Okanogan Nations Aliance, Evan Smith did a talk on fish collections on...

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Club News – Feb 2017

Hello fellow club members. We have a meeting tomorrow night, 7 pm , Sandman Inn. We had a speaker, lost one and got another one. You may remember Tysen Ehlers, the Mushroom Guy. Anything you might want to know about mushrooms,...

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Club News – Jan 2017-1

Hello Fly Club Members. We had a really good meeting on Thursday with our speaker Owen Schoenberger of fresh water fisheries and bull river hatchery. Lots of good information on the works of the hatchery and trout releases as...

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Club News – Jan 2017

Hello, and Happy New Year to you all. We have a meeting coming up this Thursday, January 5th at 7 pm Sandman Inn. Our speaker is Owen Schoenberger, of fresh water fisheries and bull river hatchery. Owen will give a talk on the...

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Club News – Dec 2016

Hello Fly Club members. Just a couple messages. Last meeting was smaller in numbers but good in energy. Chico showed with the help of new technology, ie. computer, internet and our projector, the invasive problem dragon lake is...

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Club News – Nov 2016

Hello again fly club members Ah, the cold weather is coming and we might have to put the rods down for a couple months. I have noticed lots of the avid fisher persons still going out and doing quite well on the Columbia. Great...

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Club News – Oct 2016-2

Hello Fly Club members.   Were into fall / winter now and club meetings have started.   Our last meeting AGM went well with 21 members attended.  The new executive has been voted in and all is set for another fine year for the...

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