Hello All :   Season is on us again.   I must appologize for my absence, I am just without words as my fishing partner has been struggling with life for the last month.  Our treasurer, Don L, has had one tradgety after another.  He knocked himself unconcious when slipping on ice.  After being taken to hospital he never was the same, it came to when he had to be taken to Kelowna for an operation to relieve pressure on his brain.  It appeared he had bleeding and it finnally needed to be released.  After opperating and dealing with the bleeding and then pneumonia and cat scans he is still in coma.  More complications of unwanted infections and more pressure on the brain forced the doctors to do another surgery and more coma and infections.  Were still unsure of his present condition but will be praying for his recovery.  Donaldo, Iggy or just Don as we all call him, Do get better and beat this tragic illness.  
    We do have to keep our club moving on and this coming weekend is the White Lake fishing outing. Salmon Arm area.   Most are staying at the Sunny Shores Resort / Campground which you can look up on the internet if needing to contact them for rooms.   There is also a provincial campground on the lake somewhere, you will have to look this up yourself.   As usual we have a potluck on Saturday nite/ evening with the club supplying the sausages and buns.  So if coming bring salads, casserols, or deserts.   All are invited. 
    For those not wanting to go as far this weekend, the only lake I know open “ice off”  is Box Lake.   Summitt Lake still has ice on it last I heard, so does Rosebud, and Nancy Green and Erie.  It shouldn’t be too long now though and will keep you all informed when they do ice off.  
    Next week May 3 will be our last meeting of the spring/summer , so keep it on your calender.  7 pm , Robson School.  We still have two draws continuing.  Rod draw.  half the tickets are sold, on the ZXL Sage rod 9′ 6wt. 5/00 a ticket and only 120 tickets will be sold.   Great rod. 
    Second draw is the flies and box.  put six flies in and your in the draw.  Mayflies are the fly for this draw.  Still need ten entrants.  Get tying we want to give this away at the next meeting. 
Ok thats all for now.  Do call if there is anything i have forgotten or need to address.   Till next time.  tight lines and bent rods.   Rod Zavaduk.