Hello to you all: Great day to be on the river, sun is out and fish should be biting.

Yes, the symposium was another wonderful time and success. The fly club should be commended for the superb job done by all. Everything from the coffee in the morning, Bob, to the set up of Rubens booth to taking it down, went smooth. The BBQ was great, thanks Bill and Brad. The front counter ran smooth, thanks to Len, Peter, Lana, Cathy, Mary, Mathew, Andrew, James, Ken and Steve. Thanks to the tyers on the kids tying table. Wally, Lon, Chico, Paul, Ken, Drew, Dave, Rob, Nick. The bug guys, Neil and Dave, thanks. The tyers, Brook, Chico, Mel, Wally, Jason, Bill, John, Drew, Josh, John(chewelah), Phil and Serena, Graham. You all did a fantastic job. The Fly Club booth, Steve, Bill, Rob, Drew and Jason. great job. looked fantastic. Thanks Jason for breakfast sweets and lunches. All the people who did seminaars, Les B. , Kelly L., Rod Z., Ruben B., Don Fr., Brook D., and Jack S.. All well done and ran smooth.

Our Booths this year include, Ruben-Sage,Redington,Rio,Fishpond: Don, Tim & Vanessa-St Croix, Minn kota, Huminbird: Invasive Species-Khaylish Fraser: Sport Fishing On the Fly- Don Freschi: St Mary Angler-Kelly & Karen: Bamboo Rods-Chris Wagh: Columbia Power Corp-Kathleen Hart: Chilly Billy Charter- Graham Cloutier: John Newbury-FFF fly fishing: Bill Hanlon- wooden fly boxes Fly Club Booth- Rob Giesler, Drew Turner, Jason H, Lon L. : Chris Wagh-Bamboo Rods,: Kids Tying Table-Wally V, Chico, Paul P., Drew T., Dave D..

Last I do want to thank our sponsors this year. Columbia Power Corp., Teck Trail, and Interfor for their support that is the deciding factor to running this show every year.

Next on our adgenda is our meeting on Thursday. We have James Crossman speaking on the Sturgeon program on the Columbia. Should be good learning about all the new results they have witnessed over the past few years. Its been a couple years since our last sturgeon talk. If anyone has a couple extra flies tied, we like to give our speakers a present of hand tied flies.

Next on the list is our help is needed by Lawrence Redfern, his outdoor class is needing a couple people to teach kids to fly cast, he has the rods. Date is Apr. 6th and 7th. 9.30am, Pass Creek Park-picnic area. 2-4 hours. Apr. 10 and 11th. – 9:30 am till 2. Please call me if available. Rod @ 250 365 8288 Last year all had a great time and the kids were very impressed with our help.

Last news on the table is our fly rod draws. There are only a few tickets left, we need to get these all sold and rods given out for the season. ok that s all for now. Till next time, tight lines and bent rods. RZ.