Hello Fly Club Members. A few messages,

Our last meeting was great to see so many people out. I think there were 28 out, maybe because we had two speakers? Okanogan Nations Aliance, Evan Smith did a talk on fish collections on the Columbia River. Lots of great knowledge for us. And Tysen Ehlers did a masterful talk on Mushrooms in the Kootenay region. A good meeting to organize the symposium. All seems to be going full steam ahead.

Rob and Drew are doing up our new club table. They are looking for pics from our past outings. This is going to be a wonderful display of our past to present fly club history. A lot of great memories for some of us that have been with the club for the twenty five plus years the club has been operating.

Were still and always in need of people to help out with front desk, jr fly tying table, and kids/adult fly tying table. As well people to help and sit at the fly club table now. Yes lots to do this year. A great year to get involved and its going to be another super symposium.

Were also doing up t-shirts for the symposium and if you want one, they are $20.00 each. they will have our fly club crest on front left chest and a full back crest with the symposium emblem on back. You can order one by contacting me at the fly shop or email me. We need your size and money of course.

We will keep you all up dated with happenings at the next fly club meeting. Next Thursday. 7 pm Sandman Inn. Our speaker will be Jeff Burrows, senior fisheries biologist for Kootenay region. Last message is our fly rod draws, most tickets are sold, there are less than 20 each left to sell. When all sold we will draw and give them away. ok thats all for now.

Till next time, tight lines and bent rods. RZ.