Hello, and Happy New Year to you all. We have a meeting coming up this Thursday, January 5th at 7 pm Sandman Inn.

Our speaker is Owen Schoenberger, of fresh water fisheries and bull river hatchery. Owen will give a talk on the hatchery and other fishery items pertaining to the Kootenay region. Look forward to meeting him and hearing all about the restocking of our lakes.

Other items we will discuss will be up coming events , ie. fly tying at Balfour this month. The symposium, time to get it all organized.

We will hear of past events like helping out Trail Wildlife and Fishing club cleanup and restoration of Murphy Creek. We will find out how the Salvation Kettle drive went.

Tickets on the two draws for the fly rods, Sage and Eikre Rods will be available. $5.00 each. Both fantastic rods. Will get ready for our next fly tying sessions upcoming Feb. And above all get out and do a meeting this 2017.

This is going to be a great year to fish, fly fish I mean. Ok see you all Thursday.

Tight lines and bent rods. RZ.