Hello Fellow Flyclub Members : Happy 2012 to you all.
We have some items worth reminding you, first, Fly tying at Balfor Beach Inn this Saturday, 28th, any time after noon, bring your tying supplies if your a tyer. The agenda is R & R, tie some flies, have some pops, eat a bit of food, tell some good lies and listen to a few good jokes of the day from Pete Y. A great way to spend a Saturday. We have a few rooms put aside for those staying over and Nathan is expecting us.

Second item, Fly Club meeting, Thursday, Feb. 2nd. 7 pm, Robson School.

Third item, Our club library of books has been moved to Blake Jarvis residence. Many thanks to Blake for doing this for the club and Don L. Just too much on the plate for Don and we really appreciate this, we have about 220 fly fishing related books for club use. You just have to contact Blake to borrow any of the books.

Forth item, we still have a couple draws on the go. Need a couple more entries into the chronomid box, add six of your chronomids to the box and your in for the draw. Second draw is the $300.00 gift certificate to the Fly Shop, tickets are $5.00 each and only 60 sold.

Fifth item. Remember our “Fish full of Flies” for our upcoming symposium. I am told that we only need a few this year as Wally has lots to add to the “Fish”. Just so we don’t have to relie on Wally we should all put in/on a doz of our own flies. This gives us two months to get done, I hope this is enough notice.
OK, see some of you at Balfor, some of you at the meeting and lots of you at the symposium.

Till then, tight lines and bent rods. Rod Zavaduk.