The Purposes of our Club

To promote the sport of fly fishing;
to cooperate with and assist appropriate government agencies in the maintenance
and enhancement of fly fishing opportunities in the West Kootenays; to provide
a forum for exchange of fly fishing ideas and techniques; to associate with
provincial fly fishing organizations; to help educate local youth in the
pleasures of fly fishing.

Executives for 2017-2018

  • President: Rod Zavaduk Email
  • Vice President: Steve Sandesky
  • Treasurer: Jason Hart
  • Secretary: Drew Turner Email
  • Registrar: Chico (Manual) Rodriques
  • Club Photographer: Steve Verigin
  • Library Manager: Paul Meyer (books)
  • Equipment Manager: Al Kassian
  • Webmaster: Dale Monrad* (Bearcave Web Services)

*Please email all newsy club items, happenings and photos to

Our agenda includes:

  • Fly tying
  • Conservation
  • Rod building
  • Discussions
  • Videos
  • Library
  • Tackle tips
  • Outings
  • Fly casting clinics
  • Float tubing
  • Fly patterns
  • Sources
  • Pack-in trips
  • “Secret” locations
  • Fly tying tips
  • Enhancement