Hello All : Another fantastic symposium under our belts and thank you all for your support and help with each and every important job. May it be coffee / donuts or the kids tying table to fly tying and seminars, the BBQ to cooking, getting the lunches to doing the draw buckets. You all did a wonderful job and you can be proud of the show you put on. Many comments and emails are coming in on how good a show this was/is. There were people that traveled long distances to attend our fine show and were all happy. I am hoping that you all had as good time as I did. I know there are a whole lot of excited kids out there that got the chance to tie their very own first fly and probably can’t wait to get out and fish it. Tough on the dad or mom, but if it gets at least one couch potato out there fishing this year, I consider this a success. The rest of you that get out there way too much, please save some fish for me. Yes, that means you Ken and Blake and James and Paul and the list goes on. For those of you that couldn’t get here this year, maybe next year. By the way, I learned more on casting again this year at our Friday casting clinic. Many thanks to Paul, Bruce, Peter and Ruben for their time and knowledge and patience with us this year. One fella said to me, I don’t think we ever stop learning do we??? I agreed. Another fella came up to me and said, I am amazed at how many great fly tyers you people have in your club. I agreed. The comments keep on coming as I talk to the many people that attended. When asked if this years symposium was a success, I can’t think of any reason to not give it a 110% grade. Thank You All for the great job you did. We will book the date for next year.
OK enough of the ada-boys and back patting, our next meeting for the club is April 1, Thursday , Robson School, 7 pm. Look forward to seeing you all there. Always a good meeting after the show. OK , tight lines and bent rods. Rod Z.