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Best Day Of Fishing Ever!

A once in the history of mankind kind of thing. The Best Day Of Fishing Ever! Some fishing stories are a little hard to believe but this guy has pictures to prove his story… I’ve heard of salmon jumping into boats,...

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Children’s First Fishing Trip

With still some summer time left, families are trying to make the most out of it by spending time outdoors on all types of kid-friendly recreational activities that the warm weather offers, like fishing. That is why we put...

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Stonefly moult photos

Hello The moult of two species of Stonefly has been observed. The Giant Stonefly (Salmonfly) was observed at the time of moult. By the time a camera was activated, it had completed the moult and was beside it’s shuck. The shuck...

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Very good lookin ‘R bow’

Hello All :  Just letting you all know the Slocan Drift was another great success.   All had a great time and no one lost.   Fish were abundant, seems like the river is coming back.  Lots of good looking juvenile fish were...

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Columbia River Hatches are on

Hello all :   just a couple notes of interest.   One flyclub member was spotted haveing way too much fun last nite.   In a couple pics note the hatch on top of the water.  My guess is the famous Columbia River caddis hatch is on...

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