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Club News – Dec 2018

Hello Fly Club Members. Its been a long fall/winter already and I’m ready for summer already. Not really. Just a couple notes for this time of year. Thursday coming, we have our fly club meeting. 7pm Sandman Inn. we have a...

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Club Social – Dec 2016

Hello all, and best of the season to you all. Merry Christmas. It’s only a few days till our xmas social on Dec. 17, 6 pm, Balahuras house, 1234 Mcfee road, Ootishenia. Happy hour 6 pm, super 7 pm. It is pot luck, the fly...

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Club News – May 2013

Hello Fly Club Members: A few notes from our last meeting for the summer and some important changes. First is our Summitt Lake outing that was supposed to happen 11, 12th of May is now moved one week later to the May 18, 19th...

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