Hello All :   Just a great big thank you to all that helped out at the Fly Fishing Symposium.   This was our 20th annual and it has been a fantastic run.  All the vendors we get are very impressed with the participaction we get from the club members.   Kudos to all of you for all those years.   I think Teck Trail and Columbia Power Corp. have been with us all those years and can’t thank them enough for being on board to support this show.


We have a few things still needing our attention.

1st –  Our meeting this Thursday has a location change.  It will be 1410 Columbia Ave.  2nd floor  in the Harterra board room.   Sandman said they are booked for the space we usually get and can’t supply us so have to move just for this month.
2nd.  Its time to book the space at SunnyShores Resort , White Lake.   Yes our first outing is happening 26th weekend.  Call me for more information if needed.
3rd.  Don’t forget to renew your fishing licences.  All due todayfor the upcoming year.
4th.   We have the F4 film festival this Friday.   Tickets are just $10.00 each and can be picked up at the Fly Shop or from Andrew Van Vliet.   Starts at 7 pm and doors open at 6 pm.for popcorn and drinks.
I will be a bit more on the message board from this time onwards as we have lots going on.
Till next time,  Tight lines and Bent Rods.
Rod Z.