Hello to you all.   I really hope your all staying virus free and healthy.   Just letting you all know the fly club is not going to have any meetings or outings until we have the go ahead from Gov’t authorities.    This Covid-19 is going to take all our help.  Clean, wash hands, stay 2 metres apart, limit numbered gatherings, stay home if possible, only go out to grocery stores if necessary.      For our White Lake outing, yes it is cancelled.  Next May meeting is cancelled also.   May outing to Summit Lake is going to be looked at very close and will all be according to the news reports on Covid 19 information.      On the positive note,  we should all be filling our fly boxes with lots of new fly patterns and the trusted old patterns.   I am hearing a few lakes are showing signs of de icing.  I will let all know the news of when the lakes ice off..  We can dream even if can’t get out there.  As my good friend D L says,  the fish will just be bigger by the time we get to them.     Another reminder,  we all need our new fishing licence for 2020.  You can get on line or if not computer savy at fly shop when open.  Phone for this option.     Last is we do have a fly reel draw going on,  I believe there are only 16 tickets left, 5.00 each and we will draw when all sold.     Ok, all keep on smiling, tie lots of flies, and if you get out,  Tight lines and Bent rods.    Rod Z.