Hello All:

Great to see lots of people out to our meeting last Thursday.

Our Speaker, Michael Zimmer talked to us on Salmon introduction to the Columbia, the three or five steps needed to get it going. Also talked on the stranding of fish on the Columbia, how it works and when are the people called upon to monitor or fix the issues of fish being stranded. Pictures and numbers were very interesting.

Thanks to Brian B for taking great pictures and getting out the information.

Were getting more information on hosting the fly fishing show from fly fusion, at our symposium next year. Andrew V V. is doing a great job on organizing this.

Our fly tying is still happening one more night, tonight, Tuesday, 7 pm at my house, 909 hillview road. Damsels are on the menu tonight.

And the draws are going well, half the tickets are sold already, so if wanting to get into the action, Rod or Reel, I have the tickets at the store or at fly tying.

Many thanks to all who did a great job at the Salvation Army Kettle drive last Friday, in Trail Mall. A really needy contribution from all of you who helped.

And Last , Have a very Merry Christmas, Drive Safe, Eat lots, and God Bless All or You.


May you all catch lots of fish next year.

Tight Lines and Bent Rods to all. Rod Z.