Hello Fly Club Members. Its been a long fall/winter already and I’m ready for summer already. Not really. Just a couple notes for this time of year. Thursday coming, we have our fly club meeting. 7pm Sandman Inn. we have a speaker. Jeff Burrows, senior fishery biologist for Kootenay region. A good time to hear what is happening and or happened lately to our fishery. Bring questions if you need answers.

West Kootenay Fly Fishing ClubOther news, Next Saturday, Dec. 8 , its our xmas social party. It is Potluck style. We supply a cooked turkey and ham. If coming bring something like a salad, casserole, desert, hoarderves, need someone to do spuds. If coming and want to know something to bring, give me a call. It is BYOB and we also play the gift exchange game. Yes the one you get to take anothers opened gift if you want. Ebineezer ScroogeCan make a few Scrooges out of the gang, all in good fun. See you all there. If you have a youngster and want them to get a gift, you would bring them there own to open, the gift game is an adult oriented. The place is at Mike and Brenda Balahura’s house, 1234 McFee road, Ootishenia/Castlegar. 6 pm happy hour and 7pm supper.

Thats all for now. Catch you at the meeting and / or party.
Tight lines and bent rods. Rod Z.