Meeting tomorrow night, 7 pm, Sandman Inn.   Speaker still pending as we lost this one due to flu again.   A couple notes, the F4 film festival is a go for March 27, 2020 at the old theatre.  There will be food, beverages, and fly box/with flies draw (tied by club members at tying nights) this Feb.  Tickets are $10.00 each and can be picked up at Castlegar Sports & Fly Shop or Andrew Van V.  Net proceeds go to the Salvation Army again.  Our donation to Food Bank of $400.00 in Dec.  was well appreciated.  Very sad news,  Len Henschel passed away in January and will be missed by all.  Len was treasurer of club for a good 25 years.  rip Len.  Another note, we have changed secretary’s for the remainder of year,  Loren Murray was officially voted in as our last secretary wasn’t able to make the meetings.  All appreciated as were all donating our time to the worthy cause.  Last news is the Fly Tying nights have started this month, Tuesdays.  A good turnout and great patterns were produced and added to the fly boxes.  Plan B and Klinkhammers were on the menu that night.  As usual we all can’t wait for the winter to end and fishing to start.  To all, stay healthy and hopefully ‘tight lines and bent rods’ for all this coming season.   Rod Z.