Hello Again :

A couple things to mention from our last meeting. First is we have changed the Balfor Beach Inn fly tying date.

It is now on the 20th of January. Yes next Saturday. Anytime after Noon is a good time to show up there and enjoy a day of tying.

It was voted to host the F4 Fly Fusion , fly fishing movies, this year. It will be held at the downtown theatre, on April 13th . Advertising and tickets will be coming out, Andrew Van Vliet is in charge of the function. thanks Andrew.

Committees are mostly set for the symposium this year. The date is April 7, and 8th. More information will be sent out every meeting and email. We are also doing up the T’Shirts again for the symposium, if you want one, price is $20.00 each. They have the fly club logo on front left chest and sympsium logo on the back. If interested in getting one, payment and sizes are needing to order one.

Our fly rod and fly reel draws are getting closer to being sold out. 3/4 of the tickets are sold and should be done soon. Tickets available at fly shop.

Fly tying is all set for the Tuesday nights in Castlegar the month of February. It is at my house, 909 hillview road. Ootishenia. 7:00 pm.

Thats all for now, tight lines and bent rods. RZ.