Hello All : A few notes on last meeting and upcoming events.

For those waiting to win the fly rod package. It was drawn at the last meeting and the winner is, Wayne Hohn of Nelson. He is currently out of country but when he gets back he will be a very happy spring fisherman.

On our other news. The club library of Fly Fishing Books has been moved to the Fly Shop, so anyone that desires to borrow any of these, they are now easily accessible.

This weekend is our fly tying day, 19th, Saturday, at Balfor Beach Inn. Any time after 12:00 noon is starting time. Bring your own tying equipment and materials. This is a do it on your own type of tying event. Bring a light if tying, it gets a bit dark to see when the sun isn’t up and shining.

This is all for now. Till next time, tight lines and bent rods. Rod Z.