Hello Fly Club Members.
A few notes from our last meeting and upcoming events. There was a good turnout at last meeting, Matt Newfeld was our speaker. He is one of the three fishery biologists looking after our region. A big task for them as the area is quite extensive. Matt touched on the kokanee issue on Kootenay lake as well as the planting of kokanee in smaller lakes. Mentioned Arrow lake is is good shape from there perspective of kokanee counts at Hill creek spawning channel and other areas of spawning. There was a bit of discussion on the over abundance of strugeon in the Columbia River. He also mentioned that the river looked in good condition considering the raising and dropping of waters, due to the Columbia River treaty. He didn’t have any new regulation changes for this year and mentioned they are going to start on another comity for looking into new changes for the next upcoming regulation book.

Other news, the symposium comittees are organizing there duties. If available, always room for people to take on jobs. Kids tying table always needs help. Front desk, seminaars, fly tying . All needing every show. Help is much appreciated. Our set up is on Friday 6th of April. Noon we usually have a casting demo if weather permits. Also a good time to try out new rods and lines. Ruben does most of our demos. Our Sage, Redington , and Rio rep.

A new addition to the show this year is Gary Hanke, with Semperfli product. I am sending a pic of his booth via attachment. He has the destinction of being the only Canadian to win a Gold Medal for flytying in Europe. Don’t forget to get some flies in to cover the FISH. A draw we always get good action on. Last is the ticket draws for rod are all sold and there are a few left on the Reel. Available here at the Fly Shop.

Next on my list is the F4 film festival the club has booked. We have posters out and tickets in hand. tickets will be 10.00 each and can be purchased from Andrew Van Vliet, myself, Rod Zavaduk at fly shop, and Matt Ferraro at Selkirk or Nelson. The show is on April 13 , 7 pm old theatre down town Castlegar. Any net profits from show will be going to Salvation Army as a donation. Do get your tickets early as they will go fast at this price.

Ok thats all for now. Tight lines and bent rods. Rod Z.