Hello Fly Club Members: Just a couple items news worthy for now.

First is our good friend Tak Shimizu over in Edmonton Alberta is the recipient of the 2017 Buzz Becek award for the Fly Fishing Federation of America. John Newbury of Chewelah, WA just called and gave us the news. This is the first time any Canadian has won the award and is so deserving of it. For you that have no idea who Tak is, he is the fellow that ties the most fantastic flies and donates them to our fly symposium over the past few years. he tied the “Kate” fly , an Atlantic salmon pattern a year ago. He donated the water boatman flies with boxes this year. two doz. He did up dragon gompus flies a couple years ago and boatman flies a few years ago. For those interested, we sent in a reference letter in support for Tak to win this award.

Next, Its our Summit Lake weekend outing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We do have our potluck on Saturday nite, 6 pm, at the govt. central covered building, Gov’t camp ground. Club does bring the sausages and buns, if participating bring a salad, casserole or desert. BYOB Fishing is supposed to be good and weather is on our side also this weekend. Should be a good one. See you all there.

Till next time, Tight lines and bent rods. RZ.