Hello All:  Hope you all have had a great summer fishing and ready for another fall / winter of meetings and club functions.

We are meeting this Thursday, 7:00 pm, Sandman Inn  Castlegar.  Sandman has again stepped up and graciously offered there room for our meetings this year.   This is our AGM  so do show up and cast a vote on what you would like to see the direction the club should go.

We have a full schedule pre-proposed for your approval, dates and times for functions.  This all needs to be addressed and of course the voting of the new executive is needing.

I would like to take this time to pass on our condolences to Fran Pargeter , he lost his wife Barb only a month or so ago and we just want him to know were all sad to hear of this.  Barb  and Fran have been club members for a good 25 years and have been faithful supporters of the club and our outings.  Do come out and be a voice.

We will try fill all the meetings with speakers and if any of you have people in mind and available, please give me a call to organize. 

Till Thursday, tight lines and bent rods.   Rod Z.