So, this year you have to be computer literate to get your fishing licence. No big deal really, just unexpected for most of us.. Should take no more than 15 min to complete and print your new licence! 🙄

First you log into http://fishing.gov.bc.ca and on the top right hand part of the page you will see

and then a gold box labeled

Go ahead and click the box above. (Not all browsers will be accepted Firefox and MSIE are OK)

Then a new screen appears and your will be required to register for an “Angler #” to to set up your personal profile. Go ahead and fill in the required info (only the boxes marked * are required, your email address is optional)

When you are done you will be asked to enter a auth code to complete the profile. The “authorization code” is characters and numbers in scrambled fashion which you should enter in the appropriate box. If you can’t read or understand the code, just press the little speaker icon and if your speakers are on you will hear the code read back to you..

Once you have your “Angler # (not “ANGER #) you can proceed to buy your 2009 fishing licence and supplemental tags if required.

When you make your request and pay by credit card, your fishing licence will appear (in Adobe pdf format) which you can print and fold into many squares and safely store in your fishing box. (It’s too big for your wallet now but what the hey!)

If all that fails, call me and I’ll see if I can help you … Dale