Hello Again Members : We have been asked by the Scouts of Robson to help with attaining their fishing badge. Step one tying and identifying a fly. Step two fishing the fly and catching fish. This is where we come in, I have been asked to supply 4 to 6 people and boats to go to a lake, Box Lake , this Sunday, arrive at the lake 10 am. and show the kids how to catch a fish. I am hoping that some of us can make it out there. Jon Pierce has asked me to organize this and here I am calling on you again. Nothing like getting things done asap. We chatted about this last year and here it is upon us right after our symposium. I can make it and hoping some of you can also. PLEASE give me a call asap so we could have this organized. Need a fisher/person and a boat with life jacket. They will be bringing their own rods and life jackets I am told. We need the expertise and flies to help and good weather and a few of you to come forth. OK that’s all for now, tight lines and bent rods. Rod Z.