Hello Again : A good turnout for a rainy fishing outing. Good news , no one melted on the outing. We had good fishing and a great time drifting the river. Everyone caught fish . Rainbows and Whitefish were abundant. If you fished the dry you caught rainbows, if you fished small nymphs you caught whitefish. It was nice to see a couple of our ladies out , Marissa and Marlene both a first time on a river drifting and fishing . Both caught fish as the whole team can be the witness to this. In fact all caught fish and as Peter says, the river is a magnificent drift and the scenery is spectacular. A bit of a sword fight with three in the boat, but alas all were gentlemen and no fisticuffs this time.

Ok see you all at the meeting on Oct 7, 7pm, Robson School. tight lines , Rod Zavaduk.