Hello to you all :
Just a quick great big thank you to all who helped out with the Fly Fishing Symposium.
What a Fantastic Job You All Did. Matt F , Al K , Chico R, Lon L., Bob C. , Neil D., Wally V., Steve V., Brook D. , Mel C., Mike B and family, Rob G., Dave D., Len, Fran, Steve S., Brad S, Andrew V, Lana G., Joseph R. Chris W., Wanyn H., Percy D. Drew T, Anja T., Kathleen H, & Jason H. for your help setting up and taking down show and booths. It is such a big job, 9 hours for Rubens booth alone. The reports are that all went real well and it was one of our best that I remember. It was our 19th and the club should be proud and happy its always been a fantastic show.

The display / suppliers were all very impressed with the clubs support and the good turnout. There isn’t another One like it I am told.

I have to thank all the fly tiers and the people that helped out at the kids tying tables or manned booths. Matt F. , Paul P, Wally V. , Percy D, Dave D., Phil M. and Serena, Mel C., Neil D. Chico R, Rolli H., Brook D., Graham C., Chris W., Mel C., Al K. Drew T, Anja T. Your generous gift of time and valued participation is really appreciated. The front table guys and gals, Steve S., Fran P, Len H., Peter Y., Lana G., Cathy L., Mathew D. James M.

I really hope I haven’t missed anyone, as you can imagine it takes a large number of people to put a show like this on and run. I didn’t see many faults at all throughout the weekend. Only the weather didn’t cooperate. Of course it had to snow to make it official.

Thanks to Steve V. and Anja T. for doing the seminaar room and pictures. thanks Steve S. for organizing the front desk. Thanks to Rob G. and Drew T for organizing the club booth, thanks to Neil D. and Dave D. for doing the aquatic bugs, thanks to Lon L., Dave D., Brad S., and Bob C. for taking care of the BBQ. thanks to Jason H. & Al K. for the breakfast sweets and lunches, thanks Bob C. for doing the coffee in the morning. thanks Wally V. for organizing kids fly tying table. thanks Len H for doing the draw buckets.

All in all everyone did a superb job, many have called in and thanked the fly club for the great show put on. Reach back and give yourselves a pat on the back. you all deserve it.

Now we can get on to the better part of the summer, if it comes this year. This Friday we have the Film Festival.. Friday , 7 pm, downtown theatre. come a bit early to get popcorn and a seat. should be a real good show. tickets can be purchased from Andrew V, Matt F. and at the Fly Shop. $10.00 each and cash please,, all net proceeds go to the Salvation Army. Bring a friend.

Next don’t forget the month end fishing outing at White Lake, Salmon Arm. Most are booked at the Sunnyside Resort cabins. if needing information, give me a call and will explain all. Ok thats all I can say for now. Many thanks to you all for doing a fantastic job at the Symposium. till next time, Tight lines and bent rods.
Rod Z.