Hi Folks … I have mostly completed the changes to the website at www.flyfishingclub.org FEATURES:
  • new look
  • combined the site and the blog into one site (no longer have to go to blog.flyfishingclub.org – it is gone)
  • removed the login and password requirement to see the main parts of the site.
  • some pages are marked Protected: and require entering a password (I will email that after you ‘register’)
  • new book library list
  • current events page
  • revised photo gallery coming soon
  • members may ‘log in” to add comments or create a post on any appropriate subject
To do that, just click on the “Log in” link on the right end of the black menu bar then select the “Register” link at the bottom of the Log In box add your username IE “Rodz” or “Zavaduk” or “ZavadukR” so we can identify you as a club member add your email address (a password will be emailed to that email address so you can then log in) (we will trash any junk registrations) When you log in , you will be given an opportunity to change the password to something you can remember. All comments and posts will not be published until they have been reviewed by the site moderator. All inappropriate posts or comments will be edited or trashed. Suggestions are always welcome Enjoy the site , it has lots of useful information and using the “search” box will find anything that is already on the site (try it using ‘spey’) Regards, Dale