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Hello All :  Just letting you all know the Slocan Drift was another great success.   All had a great time and no one lost.   Fish were abundant, seems like the river is coming back.  Lots of good looking juvenile fish were caught.  Juvies grow into big adults, lets hope.

Now check out the fish in the attachment.   Never thought the rainbows could look so beautiful.  This is the finest I’ve witnessed all season.   This is what you get when you have never caught a fish on a fly rod .

I was wondering why it took out 150 yards of backing and wouldn’t come back.  After chasing it for a long way we soon found out the answer.   I think it’s called beginners luck.  I told this young fella he should buy a lottery ticket today also.

Just starting our reminders for our AGM on October 6th, Robson School, 7 pm.    I usually start a calender of events querry, so all interested in putting dates and places to fish in the new year and worthy club events, please forward them back to me.   Thats all for now.   tight lines and bent rods.   Rod Zavaduk.