Fellow Fly Club Members : I have this message to pass on to all. If you can be of assistance please get in touch with Tara White. Address is below in text. This should be fun if you have the time. July is a tough time of year for some of us. Hope some can help out. Good luck . Rod Zavaduk.
Hi Rod – the Penticton fisheries section is looking for experienced Kettle River and/or West Kettle River anglers in July to capture trout for a mark-recapture study.
If anyone in the club is is interested and qualifies, expenses reimbursed.
Contact is Tara.White@gov.bc.ca she is the Senior Fish Biologist in Penticton.
See below for details –

  • When: July 14-20, 2011
  • Fishing will be conducted between 5:30AM – 2PM (temperature dependent)
  • Angler Pre-requisites:
  • Experienced anglers are preferred
  • Must have fished a minimum of 5 days previously on the Kettle or West Kettle rivers
  • Anglers need a license and must follow the regulations (single barbless)
  • They must also be mobile and able to walk rough terrain (access and river beds) and up to 2 km/day
  • Anglers must provide their own gear ( rod, reel, waders and flys)
  • Preference of angler consistency (eg. same person 2+ days in a row -depending on angler interest & availability

Jeff (Jeff Burrows)