Happy New Year

Hello fellow fisherfolks .. Dale Monrad here to update you on the status of the  club’s website.

I have been keeping this website alive for over 12 years now and late last year the site was comprimized (hacked)  to the point I had to take it down.

In consulting with Rod and others it was decided that a new site would be preferable to the Facebook approach.

So I have began to create a club site with a new look and develop it with newer technology.

I would appreciate any and all input to add to the site: Photos, articles, events, etc.

We will eventually make the site available to  interested members to add and edit items themselves and enable it to keep some info available only to members.

A simular site I created for the Rocky View County Fire Fighters can be seen at https://rvcffa.org

Your input will be appreciated.

Dale  ( kodiak00@gmail.com)