This new fun  feature of your web site is your new web blog. Members have the privilege of submitting articles about the club, fishing, fish lies :no:, regulation changes or proposed changes, club news, family news, events, pictures of your prized catches, flies you are proud of, congratulatory messages and so on. All you need do is send an email to the admin (for now, that is me) and we will add your user name and password to the approved contributors database. Contributors will refrain from libelous contributions or scandalous pictures (or we will confiscate your fishing gear!) If you are reading this, it means you have already been given the login and password to this blog which we will keep exclusive to our members. So don’t share the password with your non-member friends
If you need help submitting your items, email me using the contact form on this site or call me at (604) 860-0996 (if I don’t answer, please leave a detailed message – I will respond).

Enjoy …. Dale