To get to the cabins at Whitetail lake turn off highway 93/95 6 km north of Canal Flats. The turn is your first left after the over pass and is marked with a Blue Lake Forestry sign. You will run out of pavement when you cross the first cattle guard about 1km from the highway from here on you will be on a gravel road.

You should be aware that there is often large logging trucks traveling on this road most of the truck drivers will use their radios to notify other trucks of your presence, but please give these larger vehicles the right of way.

Travel along this road (Findlay Creek Rd) and make note of the little yellow # signs along the way. You will stay on this road until you get to the 15 sign, then turn right- this road is called the Findlay / Whitetail road. Stay on this road until you reach the 28 sign. Along the way you will pass Fishermaiden Lake on your right at around the 20 sign, the Blue Lake turn off at the 23.5 sign, the Whitetail lake mountain road at the 25 sign.

After you have climbed the steep hill past the Blue Lake turn off and the Whitetail Lake recreation site at the 27 sign, continue ahead until you reach the 28 sign then turn right. This road will be marked The Cabins at Whitetail. When you reach the bottom of the hill, ignore the road coming in from the left, and likewise to the one on the right a short distance further. Climb up the hill that has the sign The Cabins at Whitetail. Continue down the other side, ignore the old cabin on your left and carry on through the gate. YOU HAVE MADE IT !

If the gate is closed this just means our horses are in, please close it again behind you. Continue on into the yard, park your vehicle and relax, you’re officially on holidays!!

Best regards, The Cabins at Whitetail and A bar Z Outfitters

Brent DuBois
Bill DuBois
Tanya DuBois