Hello All : I know your all waiting on the edge of your seats to see if anyone actually caught some fish at our White Tail outing. I have to admit it was tough fishing but well worth the wait when the fish did bite. We had 18 folks on this outing and all had a good time I believe. Our newest member Dale L. figured out the lake on the first couple days, with Donaldo L coming in a close second. The third day Donaldo was in the lead with Dale and Steve V. a close second. The fourth day a fellow named RZ pulled out some secret flies and took home the trophy for that day. Why do we go to whitetail if the fishing is tough, i think main reason is the size of fish and when you hook the fish you better be hanging on to your rod. They just seem to have the unbelievable power few other fish seem to have on the take. All the fish hooked are usually over 20 “s and then there are some real hawgs. Yes, the potluck was a hit also. Lots of great food, drink and laughter. Good fish stories also. Weather was fine also, came home sunburned as usual.