Hello All Fly Club Members. This is our last message for 2019. Our last meeting was a quick one, speaker was ill and could not make it. We discussed and organized the Christmas Kettle drive for the Salvation Army Trail Div.

Many thanks to those who volunteered, Fran, Len, Mike, Garry, Tony, Neil, Allan, Kathleen & Karl for organizing.

The Christmas social was another super evening. 25 to 30 people showed this year and food was excellent as usual. Thanks to Brenda and Mike for hosting again this year. Also thanks to Brenda for doing up the turkey and Garry/Pat for doing the ham. The rest of the potluck was really delicious. The gift game went off without too many upset participants.

Upcoming events will be the fly tying day at the local brewery, Jan 11/2020, Tail Out Brewery, noon-ish till 5-6 pm. Bring your own tying equipment and materials. This is different than our tying nights Nov. and Feb.

Our January meeting is on the 9th , 7 pm , Sandman Inn. For now thats It. May you all have a Healthy and Happy New Year. and catch lots of fish next year! Please save a few for me.

Till next time, Tight lines and bent rods. Rod Z..