Club Meetings

Club Meets 1st Thursday of each month starting in October at Sandman Motor Inn except for June, July, August, September cause we are all gone fishin’ ..
NOTE: Last meeting of this season will be
May 7, 2015 at 7:00 pm, Sandman Motor Inn, Castlegar, BC

Club News – May 2015

Hello Fly Club members, Its been a very busy spring up till now and expecting it to continue. Most lakes and the river are fishing very good this year. Early spring and great weather have contributed to all the great stories of fish being caught. Yes our club outing was wonderful, lots of people ventured over to White lake and the rewards were great fishing at times and a lot of sun. The weather was soo nice one of our finest had to go for a swim. Yes, the person heard the water was above 50 degrees and just had to try it. To all who witnessed the rod was retrieved with the fish still on and landed. Way to go WKFF member. Most of us came home with a good tan or burn. The potluck was another sensation, loads of great food, Neil’s fish was to die for. For those who didn’t make it, you missed a good one. I have to mention that Don L. made it fishing, and caught a fish on first cast. Yes, after two to three years in a hospital bed he was rewarded with a great fishing outing and the fish gods were good to him. This was the best part of the whole trip I would like to add.

For your interest the river is fishing great at the moment. I believe the water levels will stay the same low for a few more weeks. The black ants are out as well the cicadas have shown up, but fishing a gold bead head anything will get you good action. good luck.

Next week is our last meeting of this season, 7pm, Sandman Inn. Yes we have a speaker. Mike Zimmer is our man this time. We will be drawing the Tak’s fly the ‘Kate’ as well John Newbury’s fly, the ‘bubblegum’. Both mounted in a drop box and a collector item anyone would cherish to own. There are still tickets available to purchase. We will also draw the flybox with flys, there is still six spots open to get into this draw, just put in six of your finest and your in the draw. Give it a go, the box needs your flys.

Our next outing is the Summit Lake outing on the 15th, 16th and 17 of this month. Saturday is the potluck usually 6pm. See you all there. The river flows and WUP newsletter are the two pdfs I am attaching to you all for some great information. And for all you PIKE fishermen, the $500.00 dollar bounty is in effect again this year. Good luck and get all the pike you can.

Till Next time, Tight Lines and Bent rods. cheers. Rod Z.

WUP Newsletter
Lower River Reservoir Update
Pike Head Bounty

Club News – April 2015

Hello Fly Club Members: Lots on the go, hope your all ready for the season. Fish are all excited to try out your new flies you tied this winter. The ice is off a few lakes already, Box was our first, then Erie and now Summitt and Rosebud are ready action. Will keep you all informed on more when we hear.

Our fly symposium went real well with lots of people attending. Len figured around 1500 people for the two days with Saturday being the busiest. The junior members tying table was a hit with 9 juniors tying all day Saturday and one avid tyer (girl) half the day on Sunday. There were 4 girls and 5 boys tying, all were given fly club member t-shirts for their efforts and were all very excited to be a part of the fly show. A big thank you to all of you that participated or manned a booth or helped in any way.

This show is for us to give a bit back to the sport we cherish and also catch up on old friends. Many of us learn a thing or two also during the show. It was nice to see Don Freschi , Dale Freschi and Brian Chan in a booth tying and enjoying the show. A new face to the show was Courtney Ogilvy and partner Val Taylor from Nile Creek Fly shop on Vanc. Island. Their Booth. Mystic Fly Rods and Nile Creek Fly Shop, was a pleasant addition to the show. Many thanks go out to Chico R., Nick B. and Brian Brisco for manning the Teck Trail Booth.

A big thank you goes out to people like Chris Wagh, Graham Cloutier, Steve Sandeski, Bill Hanlon, Mel Carol, Grant Saprunoff, Phil Milburn and daughter, Jason Hart, Tom B, Paul Maier, Ken Laktin, Steve Verigin, Wally Verigin, Drew Turner, Len Henschel, Peter Young, Rob Giesler, Lana Giesler, Les Brazier, Kelly & Karen Laastch, Lon Lechthaler, all gave up their valuable time to participate in one way or another to help run this wonderful event.

Thanks to Kathleen Hart and Columbia Power Corp for their time and booth. Thanks to Teck Trail, C P Corp, Interfor, and Fortis for supporting the show. Thanks to John Newbury and friend Tak Shimizu for time and donations.

My biggest thanks goes out to Ruben Breikereitz our sage/redington,rio dealer. Ruben has the biggest booth with all the product his company supplies. It takes him and five others 7 to 8 hours to put up his booth and the same to take down and pack up. His booth with his knowledge and willingness to give to the sport makes this show, one that everyone enjoys coming to. If I missed anyone please forgive and again thank you to all that participated and helped out.

Next on the adjenda is our Meeting on Thursday, 7pm, Sandman Inn. Our speaker is Matt Neufeld. He will discuss the Northern Pike issue on the Columbia River.
See you all there. At the meeting we still have the Fly Reel Draw to finish off. Only 20 tickets to sell. And the Tak Fly Draw, we now have another Fly added to this draw. a Boxed fly done up by John Newbury called “Bubble Gum”, a salmon pattern. Both very special and donated to our fly club. Will have both at meeting.

Last is the flybox draw, still need a few more people to add six flys to the box to get into this draw. Lets get on this and get er done. thanks.

April 26-27 is our first fly club outing to a lake to fish, yippee. Most of us are staying at the Sunny Shores Resort, If interested in going and booking a cabin the email address is we also have a potluck saturday about 6 pm. for those making the trip.

Thats all for now.

Tight lines and bent rods. RZ