Club Meetings

Club Meets 1st Thursday of each month starting in October at Sandman Motor Inn except for June, July, August, September cause we are all gone fishin’ ..

NOTE: Next meeting will be
Oct 5, 2014 at 7 pm, Sandman Motor Inn, Castlegar, BC

Kootenay River Flows

Hello again fly club members. Just a quick note on the Columbia / Kootenay river flows.

Just looked at the report and the combined flows are going to be 153 thousand cubic feet per second. 119 from Kootenay and 34 from Columbia.

Wow I thought they would get to this mark by mid June but its here now, do take extra care when on the water, it will be moving.
Lots of extra debris in the water, ie logs.

OK thats all i wanted to let all know for now. tight lines and tangled tippets. RZ

Club News – March 2014

Hello Fly club members: A few items of interest.
1. We have our club meeting this Thursday, 7 pm , Sandman Inn. We have one or two speakers. Tysen Ehlers, a Biologist living in the slocan valley will give us a great presentation on Mushrooms. Tysen is an avid picker and biologist on the world of shrooms?? And we might have Jason Bowers give a presentation on Haida Gwaii fishing lodge. If he remembers!
2. Its time to load up our fish with flys. Please do your best to give the bare fish a doz. of your none useful flies if need be. Most of us have quite a few of these. If your a tier give us a few minutes of time and do a doz for the fish. The symposium is fast approaching.
3. There is one more fly tying nite in Castlegar,ie my house. 7 pm tonite. were tying braided dragon nymphs. last week was the braided stonefly nymph. these will test even the best tiers.
4. The ongoing draw this past couple months is Bill Hanlons hand made fly tyers box. A beautiful crafted travel box any fly tyer would love to have. tickets are only $5.00 each to members only. we will have them at the meeting and can be also picked up at the fly shop. draw will be done when all tickets are sold.
5. Last If your coming thru and have a place to put up advertising posters for our symposium, stop by and pick some up. We need all the advertising we can get.

ok thats all for now. tight lines and tangled tippets. See you at the meeting. Rod Zavaduk.