Club Meetings

Club Meets 1st Thursday of each month starting in October at Sandman Motor Inn except for June, July, August, September cause we are all gone fishin’ ..
NOTE: First meeting of 2016 season will be
October 1, 2015 at 7:00 pm, Sandman Motor Inn, Castlegar, BC

Club News – Sept 2015

Hello to you All: Yes its time to start a new season of meetings and get something accomplished as a fly club. Even if it is only to get started and set the schedule of events and get the executive set for the up coming year.
Thursday nite, Oct. 1, 7:00 pm , tomorrow, Sandman Inn.
See you all there. Lets get out and get started. Rod

September Club Event Updates

Hello again to you all. A couple messages.
We cancelled the slocan drift on the 6th but now the water has cooled and the fish aren’t as endangered with warm water, the river should be ok to fish. Which brings to my message, anyone wishing to do a drift, Al Kassian would be a team leader and lead you down the river, We need to know if anyone wishes to do a drift next Sunday, 20th. Anyone wishing to do so, can call me or Al to meet on Sunday at the Co-op 8 am, to arrange car pooling and shuttles.

Second message, Rob G and Rod Z are going to tie Steelhead Flies on Thursday nite this coming week. Thats on the 17th, 7 pm at Rod Z.s house basement. If interested, let me know. Not sure if any of the flies ever work but fun tying.

Last message is the Bear Lake enhancement project is still on the go. If anyone has time to do an evening or day to give some time for a work party, let me know. We have a biologist and plan to do some work here in the fall this year and our fly club has given our word we would help. Now we just need to get at it. Let me know if available and will get a work party on the go.

Good talking to you all and here it is, Tight lines and Bent rods. RZ.