Club Meetings

Club Meets 1st Thursday of each month starting in October at Sandman Motor Inn except for June, July, August, September cause we are all gone fishin’ ..
NOTE: First meeting of 2016 season will be
October 1, 2015 at 7:00 pm, Sandman Motor Inn, Castlegar, BC

Club News – August 2015

Hello fellow fly club members.
Summer has made an abrupt turn this month and I have been monitoring all that is coming down and would like to share what I have for information.
First our clean air quality and clear skys are none existing at the moment. With all the fires in our country and area and our neighbours it might be a few more weeks of the smoke filled air.

As for fishing, the only waters open are the Columbia and Kootenay rivers until Sept 15. Do check out the attached post. This will affect our fly club outing on Slocan River, Sept 6 we were on the calendar to drift the river. We will cancel this and postpone the drift till further notice. This is a sensitive year for all streams and would be wise to give it time to recoup for the following years.

As for the Columbia it is still very high for this time of year, I believe it is still close to 98 thou. cubic feet per sec. With the smoke and high water is has made fishing a bit tougher. It seems like the hatches have all disappeared.

On the good news side of things, i haven’t heard of many Northern pike being caught. This might be due to the abnormal high water but I think there just aren’t as many this year as last. There were few caught in the spring netting program and will have to wait to see what the fall netting results will show.

By the way the closures have not affected any lakes. Lakes are exempt from any of the closures put onto streams.

I hope this clears up some questions on what is happening in our area for angling our lakes and streams. As for other news, we are still on for Oct. 1 fly club meeting at the Sandman, 7pm. This is the AGM for us so put it on your calendar.

On the lighter side, it was great to see Garry G back from Chilli, sounds like he will be back in time for our White lake outing next year. I hope he has tied some flies while away, it just doesn’t look good seeing a person of his stature borrowing/begging for flies. Not that it has happened . Good luck the rest of the way Garry.

This is all for now, till next time. Tight lines and bent rods. RZ.

ANGLING : Newest Closure Info and a Correction

From: St. Jean, Dawn R. MTIC:EX
Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2015 9:29 AM

1 – Effective July 22 to September 30, 2015, all angling in the Lower Mamquam River, downstream of the CN Railway Bridge to the river’s confluence with the Squamish River is prohibited. The remaining portions of the Mamquam River were already closed to angling and will remain closed. The closure has been put in place to protect fish stocks at a time when they are vulnerable due to low flows. The low water and aggregation of fish in the area has led to conservation and compliance issues, and will protect both bull trout and salmon populations.

This is a mirror order with the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Notice of this additional exemption will be posted on the Region 2 in-season regulation change website at and the “Important Notice – Angling Closure” website at

2 – It was indicated to me that the St. Mary’s river lower was included in the closures that will be in effect tomorrow through September 15th but that is not indicated in the text that is now posted on the in season regulation changes on our web site. So to try and clear up any confusion, (mine included) I think it’s best to just advise people to look on our website for in-season regulation changes, and read the release information available on the ‘click here’ link.

When in doubt individuals can refer to the Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis, Region 4 map of MU’s on page 39 or in addition, contact the regional offices in Cranbrook and Nelson. · Region 4 – Kootenay All streams within MU 4-3 to 4-9, except the Columbia River from Hugh Keenleyside Dam to the Washington State Border and the Kootenay River from Brilliant Dam to the confluence with the Columbia River. Coal Creek, including tributaries; Kikomun Creek, including tributaries; Lizard Creek, including tributaries; Michel Creek, including tributaries; Morrissey Creek, including tributaries; and Sand Creek, including tributaries.

For more information on this closure click here.